Abaxial meets client needs with not only technical skills, but also with a deep understanding of business, regulatory, social, and political issues.

History and Background

Abaxial was established in January 2003 as the successor to the engineering department of the oldest environmental services company in North Texas, TALEM, Inc.

Abaxial is a full service engineering consulting firm dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective architectural, civil, environmental, process and structural engineering services. Our core team of seasoned engineers has a combined 80 years of far-reaching professional experience in both the private and the governmental sectors. This experience includes project management, planning studies, remediation, engineering/regulatory forensics, engineering design, construction management, and land surveying.

The core team’s knowledge provides not only the necessary engineering skills, but also the regulatory knowledge, the business judgment, and the social/political wisdom necessary for successful projects. It is the combination of these three considerations that allows Abaxial to truly minimize our client’s life cycle costs. At Abaxial, the measure of project success is our client’s success.

We believe that every project is part of a whole. Abaxial invests time and effort to learn the needs and objectives of its clients. In other words, we determine how the current project fits into the client’s “big picture.” We are often called in times of crisis or acute need. In the stress of crisis, it is especially important that we find a solution to the urgent problem that is consistent with our client’s long-term strategy. Only in such context can the client’s interests be best served.

The Abaxial core team has a heritage rich in experience and skills.

Members of the Abaxial Core Team

Abaxial’s core team of seasoned professionals brings over 80 years of wide-ranging experience to focus on your engineering needs. Their varied background experience allows Abaxial to not only understand the technical requirements, but also the regulatory, business, and social implications of possible solutions. This broad understanding of the client’s business environment allows Abaxial to provide true client-centric engineering. Relationships with other small, highly skilled engineering firms provide access to experienced professionals in many disciplines without the overhead and impersonal service of a large multi-discipline firm.

Abaxial provides quality architectural, civil, environmental, process and structural engineering services -- engineering that minimizes true life cycle costs. The Abaxial core team is anchored by four senior professionals with 100 years of field, engineering-design and business experience:

  • Terrence A. Graham, P.E., R.P.L.S., Senior Project Manager 
    38 years experience in civil, environmental, & process engineering, master planning, surveying, and program/project management.

  • Sunny Graham, Chairman of the Board/Marketing Director 
    20 years experience as a business owner, administrator, and marketing executive. Sunny is responsible for business development and marketing initiatives.

Abaxial's Project Team organization focuses on client needs.

Project Organization

Abaxial uses the Project Team approach to providing a quality on-schedule and within-budget product. Projects are directed by a senior engineer, the Project Manager. The Project Manager is always accessible to the client.

Abaxial believes that a Project Team is the best way to provide a quality product on schedule and within budget. The technical experts of the Project Team are responsible for tightly-defined engineering tasks and for such support tasks as Quality Assurance and Health and Safety. Whatever additional personnel are required, the buck stops at the desk of the Project Manager. He has responsibility for the project definition, for completion on time and within budget, and for client satisfaction. Abaxial is committed to excellence in communication between the project manager and the client.

At Abaxial, the Project Manager is charged with total client satisfaction.

Project Management

Abaxial believes that successful, on-time, within-budget projects require not only technical skills, but also a deep understanding of client needs and good communication with the client during project execution. The Project Manager is charged with these obligations, as well as the normal technical, managerial, budget, and scheduling tasks.

Effective project management requires developing realistic schedules and budgets. Our core professionals have the extensive experience required to work out realistic schedules and budgets, convey these schedules and budgets to both the Project Team and the client, and manage their effective execution.

Abaxial uses computer-aided job cost accounting and project scheduling to provide the Project Manager with the real-time status of each project. Project information is updated and available to the Project Manager on a daily basis.

The Abaxial team can solve your problems.

Abaxial Services

The Abaxial team members have established their engineering skills in a wide variety of projects. We have been a solution provider for federal and state agencies, large and small cities, water districts, and private industry. Examples of our projects are found in the following links.

Architectural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Process Engineering
Structural Engineering