Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

Structural Engineering 

Abaxial team members have had significant engineering experience on the following representative structural engineering projects.

Structural Design

PII, Point, TX: Crane Support and Environmental Containment

This plating operation moved to a new facility. The existing crane was supported by the building. When the crane was moved to its new location, it could not be attached to the building’s walls. Designed new support structures for the crane. Designed secondary containment for the plating tanks that met regulatory requirements.

Cargill Flour, Saginaw, TX: Bridge Design

Designed a reinforced concrete bridge used by semi-trucks to cross a waste water line at Cargill Flour Mills.

North American Galvanizing: Roof Framing

Designed the structure steel roof-framing members used to attach a kettle hood and ductwork to the existing facility

Special-Environment Design

Forensic Engineering

Warehouse Owner, Richland Hills, TX: Fire Damage Investigation

Performed a feasibility structural investigation on a 47,000 square feet pre-cast fire-damaged warehouse. Concrete cores and reinforced steel were extracted from critical areas of panels damaged by fire. These samples were tested: the concrete for compression and the steel for tension, by certified laboratories. On receipt of results, we recommended which panels were sound and which panels required repair. Prepared a Finding of Facts Report and presented it to the City Council Committee to verify that the facility was structurally stable for renovation.