Representative Surveying Projects


Abaxial team members have had significant surveying experience on the following representative projects.

Construction Support Surveys

Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church

This project initiated as a support for the design of a new church to replace the church that was destroyed by fire. The new building required complying with current zoning and land-use ordinances.

Researched historical records in a portion of the original town where the reference plat had been lost from the County Courthouse. Used this research to accurately locate property boundaries that had been mis-located by two previous surveyors.

Cargill Flour, Fort Worth, Texas

This project was initiated to determine the cause of flow measurement malfunctions. The investigation led to a redesign of the flow measurement and the rehabilitation of plant sewer lines. The final task was to measure the as-built facilities as a quality control to ensure that the new facility would function properly.

Property Surveys

Industrial Site, Lueders, Texas

This project involved the relocation of industrial property that abutted residential and riparian properties. The unique aspect of this project was that all of the reference points used in the previous surveys had been obliterated. This required researching several historical property transactions to recreated the basis of the various land transfers that formed the site.

Re-Subdivision, Fort Worth, Texas

This project involved replatting a portion of an existing subdivision in the older portion of Fort Worth.

Topographic Surveys

Big Bend Motor Inn & RV Park: Reuse of Treated Wastewater

In the Big Bend area, all water is precious. When a new golf course was constructed on the property, water for irrigation was a concern. The irrigation system was designed and permitted to use treated wastewater.

Topographic Survey, Terlingua, Texas

This project included typical topographic surveying to locate visible features, geological features (outcrops, fault lines, etc.), and hydrographic features (streams and seeps). In addition, features depicted on surveys of the area performed in the late 1880s and early 1900s were located.

Hazardous Environment Surveys

Brownfields Project, Fort Worth, Texas

This survey project was to delineate the extent of contamination on an old refinery receiving pond. Survey data was used to correlate containment data collected throughout the multi-year life of the remediation.

Aerospace Company, Weatherford, Texas

This survey project was to provide horizontal and vertical information on the location of monitor wells into a shallow impacted aquifer. The survey provided information to correct the basic groundwater flow direction.