Terrence A. Graham, P.E., R.P.L.S.

Representative Civil Engineering Projects

Terry Graham has had significant engineering experience on the following representative civil engineering projects.

Planning and Studies

City of Fort Worth: Grease Trap Study

The study included examining the City’s biological additive ordinance, reviewing City procedures for regulating grease traps in the food service sector, designing a survey of restaurants on grease trap issues to be conducted by the City, and identifying municipal strategies for regulating oil and grease. The study recommended implementing procedures and modifications to the ordinance.

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Water System Engineering

Northlake Village MHP: Water Supply Line

Northlake Village MHP had a small water system that relied on wells to serve its customers. Designed a 6500 feet of service line, a control valve limiting flow to 120 gpm, and the meter connection to the City’s specifications. The service line is designed to become part of the City’s water system as the City expands in the future.

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Kempner WSC: Water System Expansion

Kempner WSC was a rural system with 1200 customers, a transmission facility from Central Texas WSC on Lake Stillhouse and several cities, and a supplier of wholesale water to several smaller WSCs.

The initial challenge in this project was to arrange the financing with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration. At that time, the Kempner WSC project was the largest project undertaken by the agency in Texas. Water rights for 3000 acre feet were acquired from the Brazos River Authority and transferred to Lake Stillhouse on the Lampasas River.

Coordinating with the various stakeholders to develop a strategy to enable everyone to win was a major challenge. In several cases, this required working out old grievances. The strategy included drilling 6 wells for an interim water supply. The engineer designed and provided construction support for 200 miles of 4" through 42" pipeline, 4 million gallons of elevated storage, 5 master meter facilities, a reversible 1200 gpm, 240 psi pump station, and an integrated control system. The pump house was designed to allow inclusion of the well water into the distribution.

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Wastewater System Engineering

Big Bend Motor Inn & RV Park: Reuse of Treated Wastewater

In the Big Bend area, all water is precious. When a new golf course was constructed on the property, water for irrigation was a concern. The irrigation system was designed and permitted to use treated wastewater.

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Rice TX ISD: Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Because the local wastewater system did not have capacity to serve the district’s new school, the school district needed a treatment system that could be designed, constructed, permitted, and in operation by the time the new school was opened. The recommended and designed system included a lift station, a force main, an overland flow treatment system, and an evaporation pond for the treated effluent. A no discharge permit for the system was obtained. The system has proven to be cost effective and low maintenance.

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Storm Water Engineering

Texas Steel: Storm Water Drainage

In order to meet regulatory requirements, information on the storm water drainage from a 40-acre industrial site was collected. The storm water flows were modeled. The modeling results were used to design self-cleaning flow metering devices and sampling facilities at each of the facility’s five outfalls. The project included supervising installation of the flow metering devices and sampling facilities.

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