Terrence A. Graham, P.E., R.P.L.S.

Representative Process Engineering Projects


Terry Graham has had significant engineering experience on the following representative process engineering projects.

Chemical Company, Gulf Coast, Texas: Process Evaluation & Design

This project started as a simple request to certify waste tanks under the requirements of 40 CFR 261. Upon investigating the issues with plant management, the project became a thorough examination of the waste generation and collection within the plant.

Initial tasks included mapping all waste streams in the production process. Working with the process engineers, each stream was evaluated for recycling into the production process. If recycling was feasible, appropriate facilities were designed and constructed. Containment and secondary containment systems were designed for those streams not suitable for recycling. Operating procedures and manuals were developed, working in conjunction with the plant operating staff.

The facility started with 60 hazardous waste tanks and 140 hazardous waste sumps. At the end of the project, there were only 20 hazardous waste tanks and 40 hazardous waste sumps. This project was the spearhead of a project which added 50% to the operating efficiencies of this plant.

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Metals Plater: Pretreatment

This platerís waste pretreatment was alleged to have continual releases outside the permit limits.

The project included first determining a pretreatment process, which would protect all the various stakeholders. A process was designed that included standard metals plating pretreatment to remove cyanide, zinc, and chrome with the additional safeguards of hold-up tanks to allow treated wastewater to be tested prior to release.

The existing equipment was reconfigured to accomplish this process. Additional tankage, controls, and filter press capacity were installed. The system was operated under close supervision from the POTW until everyone was satisfied that the system would operate as planned. The industry has retaken control of operations.

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